Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hair has become gold now!!!

I'm not here to play or write random things or look around. Today, I am really angry and the cause of my anger is hair.

These days ehn, hair(extensions, weavons, attachments or whatever you'd like to call them) has become so painfully expensive that I wish I was older and way past all of this 2011 nonesense. Thanks to the lace front hair, brazillian hair, Peruvian hair,Indian hair, Remmy hair and all the other "hairs" that are available right now, common Premium too is now getting expensive. Oh, and did I forget to say that they have started packaging it like the brazillians now. Mchewww.

So I wanted to make my hair today and on getting to the place where they sell the"common" hair extensions that we know, I met different ridiculous brands of extensions, some I haven't even heard before; there was this one called chocolate which was of three different types: One that had Tonto Dike on the pack was the cheapest, and then 2 other ones that were of higher quality than the first one and even more expensive.

My point exactly is that by the time I finished calculating the money for the extensions and the money I would actually use to make the hair, I was weak to my bones and well, since my hair is long, I decided I would just continue to endure the pain of combing it every morning until God provides some means of making the hair of my choice. Call me stingy or "Akagum", I do not care. I don't have maga or anybody that will gladly drop some ridiculous amount of money for me to make my hair, I have to find my own way around these things.

What happened to the days of Darling Yaki or the likes, although I'd rather scrape my hair off than use that now, but seriously, this hair thing is getting really painful. Then you go out and see all these thin-legged girls flaunting their 30 inches Brazilian hair touching their pelebe yansh and lace front hair that was definitely not properly fixed like say na them own the factory. We know what you do and no, I will never be tempted to do that.

I guess at the end of the day, I'll just buy bending rollers and hair straightener and perform some magic on my own hair. Just watch out for miracles.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I made it this far

Hello everyone. It's been about a month that I've been on here. It's great to be back here, it makes me feel that there is still some sanity left in me.

Okay, over the past four weeks, I've gone on a complete stretch of my body soul and spirit. I have gone from tests to defense and to examinations in four weeks, but as you might have guessed, God was once again too faithful to fail. My exams were wonderful and my defense was awesome. I was extremely favored.

Now, I've got so much time on my hands(at least I think so) and in the course of this "break", I hope to make the best use of all the opportunities available to me especially to develop myself.

In other news, forgive me if you think I'm stale, no be my fault, but last night, I read that one of the great men that really inspire me passed on. I'm talking of GT Bank boss, Tayo Aderinokun. I think what hurt me more is the fact that he died from cancer. The next time I hear of any good person that dies from cancer, I would literally walk up to heaven and ask God why.  This life sha, the people wey suppose die, na dem dey celebrate 100, 120 with all the government money they have stolen and the well-meaning, intelligent ones are the ones that die from stupid things such as cancer at ridiculous ages such as 56.
My sympathy and empathy goes to the family and the entire GT Bank community. But that man inspired me sha...

I've got a major celebration coming up in a few weeks and I'm so excited about it, just watch out.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful week. Go out there and be the change the world wants to see...