Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Official Welcome Note

Welcome officially to "In my head and my heart" or better still, welcome to my head and my heart because that's really where you are if you are reading this.
Why in the world would I want to blog and put God as a major topic in my blog is the question right now.

The answer is not far fetched. I've found God and as much as I want to build a personal relationship with Him, I want the whole world to know that I have found this God and by doing so, I hope to not only give you a glimpse into my walk with God, but I hope to share this same love that I've found with as many as fall on my space and ultimately bring at least one person to this perfect love of Christ.

So, here's hoping that you will be blessed as you surf this blog and that you'll find God in the pages of this blog.


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