Monday, January 14, 2013

Shock waves from technology

Do you all know technology still shocks me? Last week Friday, I discovered that my blog disappeared; like it just went like that and I searched for it like I was looking for pin in water but I was getting a response that my blog has been deleted.  How does that happen? I decided not to give it any attention over the weekend, deciding instead to focus on getting better (I was ill *sigh*). Anyway, this morning, I checked and it was still gone and fast forward to COB today, my blog was back!! Yay! I still don't understand what happened and I'm not bothering to understand; I'll just backup my blog jejely but you see why even as a techie, I'm not a full believer in cloud computing? The security hasn't fully cut it for me just yet. Okay, I digress. Anyway, please shout hallelujah for me that she din't disappear completely! Thank you.

 I'm listening to Barlow Girl at the moment. I've always loved that band mostly because they are very girly and their music is loud. Recently, I've been stuck on a particular track "Beautiful Ending" and one day, the lyrics and message of the song just made meaning to me. Often times, life makes up lose crucial contact with God; I mean it's easy to be living in this country or any other and just forget that all that truly matters is God not just because of the tons of evil in the world right now but also because of the tons of things that seem good and pleasing to the eye.

On one hand, we get so overwhelmed with the troubles and worries and all sorts going on around that we just lose it and relegate God who knows and understands it all into the background. On the other hand, we get so caught up in all the seemingly beautiful and pleasant  things in the world that God's place doesn't really matter to us anymore; we get to a point where we feel we can just carry on with our self-seeking lives on our own.

This song subtly pushes a question which I'm also pushing to you. At the end of it all, on what side do you want to be? Take a little time to consider what really truly matters.

Sugarspring, thank me later for this :D

Have a wonderful week.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome Back + Books + Commitments


There’s  this Nas & Obie3ce song my brothers used to play when I was younger and one part went something like “Welcome Back…Welcome Back…Welcome Back!!!” and when I started to type this post, that’s the song that came to my mind. So, as you read, just assume the song is playing in the background :D

For those of us who didn't have any holiday, it’s happy new week. For most people who went on long holidays and breaks and what nots (side eye at Toinlicious), welcome back to life…work...School…business…reality…etc. Welcome also to 2013…your year of (*insert your catch phrase here*). How was the break? Fun? Boring? Stressful? Wasted? Mine was bleh; I didn't really have a break.

I knew Lagos was back in business when I got to work at almost 9am today. Last week, I was getting to work before 8am so imagine the shock when I stepped out and it was traffic and hustles here and there. Why can’t people just remain in their home towns? I mean, most villages need educated minds to help developmental efforts, right? Okay, I’m joking; I understand the hustle I called last week my “chilling week” because I wanted to spend it to settle into the New Year and do some planning but as life would have it, I was actually busy at work so I had to throw the ‘chill’ out the window *sigh*

Dayor's book
The book from my colleague
Anyway, my first gifts this year were books; one from Dayor which I won from her giveaway and another from a colleague. 
So once again, thank you Dayor and thank you for sending it so quickly; I’ll let you know once I’m done reading it. The second book I got has a weird title and when I got it on Friday, I was like huh? Did the man remove his shirt to hand it over to a fully clothed man or to another naked man? But the title got me so it’s on my to-do list. Btw, if you want to read any of them, I can share so let me know J

So I have made commitments here and there already this year (not resolutions, just commitments) and I’m here to make another one. I believe that this year will be more relaxed for me than last year so I hope to be more committed with blogging; my attention span is short and I tend to lose focus sometimes so I forget I have to do some important things but I’ve decided to change so look out for a committed blogger. So help me God. I just want to make it known that it’s going to be a little different with me this year; I might get preachy on y’all sometimes (maybe most of the time) but that’s just because I like to share. I’m in a learning process at the moment and so I have decided to share some of the things I’m learning just because I can. So, if I get too serious or a little too preachy, please understand where I’m coming from. But I know you guys are awesome so you will keep reading. Thank you in advance!

S/O to everyone that made 2012 awesome on blogsville and to all the wonderful new friends I made last year, thank you once again. Here’s wishing everyone a glorious year filled with amazing results in everything you do.