Friday, December 30, 2011


You know that “highs and lows” that everybody does at the end of the year, I have never done it. Not because I don’t have, but because I have never thought it necessary. This year though, my story is different because 2011 has been a different year for me in the good sense of the word. So I’m not here to just talk, I’m here to count my blessings.
Where do I start from? Okay, Dec 31, 2010. That morning when I woke up, I knew there was a problem. You know that fear you feel that seems very physical like someone is grabbing your heart and squeezing? That was the kind of fear I felt. I felt it because I was so afraid of 2011. I wrote in my journal that morning “I’m afraid of 2011 and that’s the fact. I don’t know why and I know I can’t stop the days from moving into the New Year, but I’m really scared. Maybe because it’s a year of big things/big decisions for me and I’m afraid I might not live up to expectation or maybe because 2011 is a year of independence for me… I’m not excited, really, but I’m wishing positive. So in order to put things in perspective, here goes…”.  now I’ve never been afraid of any year like this one, never, but somehow this year just came with fear. Well, now I’m at the end of the year and all I can say is 2011 has been one of my best years ever. Yes, it has!!!
First of all, this year, I graduated from uni. I know it might not be a big deal to some people, but considering all I went through between 2006 and 2011, it’s a massive thin g for me. At some point, around April, I was so sure I’ll be in school for an extra semester or something, you might ask me why, but honestly, I don’t know, but somehow, July 22, 2011, I graduated. If I’m not thankful to God for that, then I do’t know what else I should be thankful for.
As if that was not enough, between August and October, I got 2 jobs of my choice. Note that I had not even started NYSC then, but I got it anyway and yes I had to leave one for the other bla bla, but here I am, fully enjoying my job.
My grandma was 70 this year. It was an awesome party even though I had exams the following week. It was so good seeing most of my family members together all at once. I’m grateful for that.
2011, November 11 (11:11:11), I celebrated my birthday. This was not just any birthday, it was a special one. Independence birthday (if you know what I mean). Though the day was almost dampened by my call-up letter and all, it was still an awesome wonderful day. The “party” the Sunday after was the most special to me. I went with a couple of friends to visit some adorable children in an orphanage and here’s where I should say a big thank you to (Funmi, Bamise, Tayo, Dupe, Leke, Cyrus, Odunayo, Doyin, Tobi, Ayo, Isaac, etc etc) for making the day a beautiful one. Thank you guys, u were amazing. It was awesome!!! That’s where I’ll stop.  To all the people that called, sent txts, pings, fb msgs, twitter mentions, bbm dedications etc. God bless you all, my day was full because of every one of you. Thank you.
I traveled Lag-Ibadan expressway nothing less than 15 times this year, there was a time I travelled 3 times in 2 days on that road and not for once did I have any issues. I even passed there as late as 9pm once, but God kept me. For this, I’m more than grateful. I know the number of people that die on the roads daily, but well, what can I say,  I’m God’s favorite.
I’m not forgetting “The Small Print”, that book was nice! I’m not even going to start on again. If u haven’t read it, u are on a long thing.
Okay, so I got posted to Kogi state. I have a couple of friends from there, so it wasn’t so strange anyway, but still, the day I got to Kogi, I knew I was on my own. The whole place looked different and I was worried for a while. Fast forward to camp. Camp was awesome. I met very amazing people there and also very annoying people too, I learnt how to hustle and how to beg, I saw what it felt like to live in d jungle, I contested for miss ebony (no be say I black o, they were just looking 4 trouble, but it was a nice experience for me, I had mad fun), played volleyball. Yay!!!, experienced cold in a new dimension (that place was freezing. I don’t care if it was colder in other places, all I know is Kogi was terrible). So again, to all the people that made Kogi wonderful (Chioma, Bimbo, troublesome Anne, Solomon, Bosun, Bajo, Boye and co, my very own alhaja G’hyat, Dora, Baba Funto, Eniwo, etc etc ), thank you! I can’t say it enough. Anyway, I’m out of Kogi now for good. That is all.
Finally, this is December, all my fears are gone with the wind. The things I was most afraid of turned out to be the best for me.
I met amazing people this year, some not physically, others, physically, but all in all, they were wonderful people. So, once again, thank you to the following people and more: Uncle KD, Sisi Yemmie, Onome Okwah, Japheth Omojuwa, Ayokunle Adare, Seni Olorunfemi, Kunle Fadiora, and every other person that made this year wonderful, thank you. 2012 awaits y’all in grand style.
To my crazy twitter peeps (you know yourselves), you guys made this year fun. Thank you.
To Bisola Jolaoso; my partner in “crime”, mwah. Thank you for an amazing 2011. May we commit more “crimes” in 2012. Lol.
To all my friends, you know yourselves, thank you for the good times and the bad times. I love you guys with a passion. Thank you.
To all the other many people I can’t mention now for one reason or the other, thank you still. God bless.
To my family (I’m referring to just two people here), thank you guys! Fkay, you know u were wonderful this year, right? I’m so happy for all the progress you made. Please be nicer to me in 2012. Mwah!
To God, my author, I couldn’t have done this year without You. Thank You. I can’t say it enough. I can face 2012 without fear.
Okay, I’m tired and this post is getting too long. If I omitted your name, please contact me so I can add your name, but only if you know you made an impact in my life.
Oh, i found love this year. #thatisall
Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!!!