Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apology? Definetely Yes!

Hello dear bloggers and friends. Yes, I need to apologize, I know. So, first of all, I’m sorry I haven’t been here in almost a month. I promised myself that I would post something here even if it’s once in a month and that “something” isn’t going to be an apology, but I think I just botched L  It’s been due to a series of circumstances beyond my control and I apologize. I have been so busy and pre-occupied with a whole lot of things that at some point in the past week, in a bid to put my life in order again, I wanted to take many of the things that are not physically a part of my life an example being this little space of mine and focus on the physical things such as work, but yesterday, someone I didn’t expect sent me a message telling me he read my blog and some other stuffs like that. So, here was I, thinking it was time to end this blog, even though it hasn’t become what I want and there was someone else, reading the whole thing. I actually feel much honored. So, I came to the conclusion, I won’t end it, I will only make some changes and if you look closely, I have actually made those changes.  Anyway, before I go on, let me make the promise again to not only write something here AT LEAST once a month, but to make sure that IT IS NOT an apology post. So help me God!
Now to other matters, I’m in a new work environment, completely foreign to me, not because of the people, but because of the processes. The people are friendly, but the way of life here is completely different from anything I’m used to.
In other news, my birthday is in about 22 days, depending on what time you are reading this post. Yay!!!J I’m surprised that I’m not more excited than this, the usual me is always so SUPER excited about my birthday even from 3 months before it comes. You don’t believe me; go ask my friends and classmates, they can tell you what kind of birthday lover I am. Why this year is different still baffles me a lot, this is supposed to be one of my most important/significant birthdays, but well, I guess the people around me don’t care much for birthdays, so what can I do?
Okay, lest I forget, over the past few weeks, I have been letting everyone know that politics is not my thing. True, I want to see things get better, but I’m not a political activist even if I come up with one or two lines that reflect my political thinking. Anyway, I’m sure the right audience for this paragraph is not blogsville, but you can never be too sure about these things, so I will just say it anyway. So I would fully appreciate it if I’m left out of certain political discussions #nuffsaid.
Anyways, that said, I think I’ll just stop here. Someone is already using side eye to look at what I’m typing from my head without consulting any paper or website. So till I come on this space again, trotcha!!!
God doesn’t always give us what we ask, not because we don’t need it, but because we deserve better.