Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15 Minutes of Shame

I think I caught the perfectionist flu too. I have been trying to get a post here but I type and then think it’s not good enough so I either save as draft or discard completely. I finally decided that I’m not a perfect person and nobody expects perfection from me (I hope I’m right about this).

Anyway, I have a story today.  Here’s what I will probably call my most embarrassing moment ever. So enjoy.

Me: Story story
Reader: Story
Me: Once upon a time
Reader: Time time

I have this pair of pants (trousers) that I love very much. It’s not short; not dragging on the floor, has pockets, belt hole, very corporate and quite fitted too. I love to wear it with my jackets because my jackets are fitted so all the fine figure 8 (coughs) will arrange well when I wear it with a jacket (I wear jackets once in a month). There’s just one problem with this pretty pants: I ALWAYS forget to zip it up. Please put emphasis on ALWAYS. It has three buttons and so by the time I button it up, I would have forgotten the zip. Thankfully, the zip is kinda hidden so even if I forget to zip up, it doesn’t show.
On this lovely afternoon, I was tired of gawking at my computer screen so I stepped out and had to go to the rest room and as usual, I forgot to zip up. I got back to my desk just in time for one boss to give me something to do so I kept standing up, sitting down and walking around to finish this task.
This is the painful part: There’s this fresh bobo in my office; good looking, friendly to the ladies and all, very charming and witty, very handy with all the six packs (Ahem, I’ve seen him wear fitted tee shirts); I finished my task about 15 minutes later and went to sit at my desk and Mr. Fresh sends me an IM that read “Babe how far na? You wan kill us? Try arrange your zip na”. Choi, I wanted to die! Most of my work is done walking up and down and standing over tables trying to do one thing or the other (techie woes) and so I tried to recall how many offices I had walked into in the 15 minutes and how many GUYS had seen me or more aptly, the kind of guys that had seen me in the 15 minutes of shame and that was when depression set in. I’m serious.
I’m not sure if it was the fact that I forgot to zip up or the person that “discovered it” or the people I had contact with in the 15 minutes and I’m not sure what they saw or didn’t see that caused the depression, but I lost the will to keep working that day. I was just quiet and subdued for the rest of the day. I was tempted to ask the guy if it was that obvious, but I respected myself. Why add further insult to my injury?
Anyway, I know it will never ever happen again. Lai lai God forbid. There is no way I’m forgetting to zip it up ever again. My 15 minutes of shame will probably stay with me forever. I was embarrassed. Things don’t embarrass me like that (spent far too long working around guys) but this one was different.

Reader: Laughs, shakes head, feels sorry for me and even remembers a similar situation they have been in.

Me: This is the end of my story. I’m thinking of ditching the pants sef; I’ve had it for a while now or what do you think?
If you want to laugh at me, please feel free. I laughed at myself after the depression phase passed.
This story happened this week. I’ve decided to wear skirts for the rest of the week since I never forget to zip up my skirts. Lol.

Have you been in a similar situation or in worse? Please gist us.

Massive shout out(s) to my new followers. You guys rock!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week. God bless you.