Monday, June 18, 2012

Finding Contentment

For lack of a better word to capture my thoughts, I decided to use "contentment", but this post is meant to be about dealing with jealousy. Recently, I was comparing notes with a friend over something we had both planned to do; actually, I was supposed to go for mine before him, but some issues came up here and there and I had to hold back. Turns out my friend is going to leave me behind since he didn't have the issues I had.

Somehow, unconsciously, I felt this tiny little pang of jealousy and it brought to full focus the fact that this isn't something new that I'm dealing with; it has actually happened a couple of times especially when I compare notes or compare progress with someone I feel we should be at par.

I think I'm going off point. I'll stop now.

Many people face different types of jealousy; it's usually different with everybody, but jealousy is a universal feeling.

Anyway, how are we supposed to deal with jealousy? How are we supposed to live with healthy competition? What does God think is right when it comes to dealing with situations where you feel less then yourself because someone you are rubbing shoulders with has taken a step ahead of you?

I think the first good step towards getting out of jealousy is admitting it. When that is settled, it becomes easy to work around it. Anyway, so I carefully searched and this is what I found:

1. Develop the habit of not comparing yourself with other people. You are special; God made you unique and you are the best of yourself there can ever be; the moment you accept yourself, it will be easy to live your life. Yes, there might things you like in a person that you might want to emulate, but you shouldn't want those things out of a desire to outshine the person, but of a desire to make yourself be the best God wants you to be.

2. Change your focus from being on yourself alone. Help someone be better; that way, you will find yourself becoming a better person. Also, focus on the high side (or should I say positive side of your life). Look for those things that make you special and work on them, use them to work on yourself and others.

#SideNote: God's help is always available. Ask God for help and you will get it. Also, make a personal decision to change your way of thinking. Every behaviour you have starts with your thoughts and your mind. Spend your thoughts and your gifts wisely.

Okay, so that's it. I don't know it all; I just know a bit and that's what I have said. How do you deal with jealousy? Or what have you read on dealing with jealousy? Please leave a comment and tell.

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  1. Great Work here Feyi. I believe that there is a good jealousy(d one towards those we love and truly care about) and a bad jealousy(d unnecessary one dt occurs when pple are doing better than us).
    What i do to stay out of jealousy is to thank God when my friends are doing well. When they experience a landmark breakthrough, i appreciate God for it and celebrate wt them. With this attitude, i dont get envious at their progress.I believe i'm only able to do this by the grace of God.


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