Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I'm Listening to...

Yup. They are called Anthem Lights and I'm listening to their EP that goes by the same name. They were formerly known as Yellow Cavalier and originated form Tennessee. They sing Christian Rock and Pop. the reason behind the name change according to them is: "These songs [and] this record is our anthem to the world saying, "Listen, we know there's a lot of darkness in this life, but in the end, light is gonna win." And we wanna be the light to people and just show them who the light of the world is." Source

That's enough introduction.

On the Anthem Lights EP, I particularly love two songs: "Where the Light is" and "Can't get over You". I think I'm actually obsessed with "Where the light is" because the song did met me at a point when I needed it the most and I haven't been able to get over "Can't get over You".

Where the light is talks simply about darkness not standing a chance where Light exists; telling us that though it may seem like darkness has the upper hand for a long time, the Light will always win. I might not know what darkness means to you, but I know that light means just one thing to everybody. It's kinda like an encouragement/reminder that no matter how dark, gloomy or hopeless any situation might be; there's still the tiniest bit of light shining. One part of the song I like so much goes:

Even when you're close to midnight
Even when the walls are closing in
There'll always be a star that's shining
And the night will never win
Where the light is

Can't get over you is a worship/commitment song acknowledging the love, grace and forgiving nature of God and asking God to draw us closer because we can't get over Him or His love. My "part" of the song is:
Here in the arms of my Father
Only grace can be found
So I lay my fears down
Nothing is the same anymore
You've changed me from the inside out
Now my heart is beating and it's singing won't You...

They have other great songs on the EP but these two are my best...

So that's what I'm listening to at the moment and I thought to share. They've got web presence here  and also on twitter @anthemlights and youtube. You can check them out and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Okay, bye. Have an awesome weekend.


  1. I love these guys. Their voices are magical. Watched their video on you tube once and I was just going wow!

  2. Will listen to theur song on Youtube. They seem like an interesting group.


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