Tuesday, January 4, 2011


2011 is here again and with it comes a lot of goodies and otherwise. The success, pain, joy and laughter, good times and bad, the disappointments and many other things that come with each passing year are here again.
Each day though, marks the first day of the rest of our lives and with each passing moment, we have our future tightly bound to our hands. The mistakes of the past years are always ready to haunt us and the successes of the past years are usually overshadowed by the enormity of what lies ahead.
Many like me have had fears (and maybe still do) of this new year, wondering what this year will hold; but here's the thing, if we can face this year head on, keeping God at the centre of our being and trusting that with Him by our sides, we do not need any other form of light to go into the dark days of this year, then this year is most definetely going to deliver the best to us.
If we ask, what about our weaknesses, God tells us that His grace is sufficient for us and His strength made perfect in our weakness.
All I bellieve we need this year is a complete and total trust in God who knows every day of every year even before we step into it, and all our dreams, goals, aspirations and even resolutions will be sorted out and our fears and anxiety about what the year holds will be as though they never existed.
On this note therefore, I'd like to officially say:
Happy 2011!!!

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