Friday, January 7, 2011

The Walking Mystery

I was going to class this morning and I had to walk. Halfway through the journey, I just thought about the fact that we walk everyday without caring, seeing it as just a simple action, but it struck me that actually, it's not that simple.
How is it that we are able to put all of our body weight on our legs and at the same time, move those legs one after the other and with that simple motion, cover miles everyday. This looks simple, but how come the weight on our legs have not broken those legs or the legs have not at any time given way without recovering?
It just makes me see God in a newer light and actually thank Him deeper for the fact that I can walk and move my legs everyday; and so when I complain about being tired of walking or having pains in my legs, I need to look at those that have legs and can't use them or those that do not even have and thank God for the privilege I have to have functioning legs.
I may never understand the magic behind my walking, but I'm eternally grateful.

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  1. Uhm, mundane but true! I read the story of a young lady who lost her sight when she was 7. She had woken up that morning and asked her dad to turn on the light. That was it. No more conventional sight for her. So when I wake up and rub my eyes, yawn thinking life is just BEAUTIFUL, and remember this young lady, I realize how I am taking things for granted. It is not by "right" that I have the opportunities I have. Thank You Lord!!!
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