Monday, May 30, 2011

OMG, I'm growing old!!!

Last weekend, my grandma celebrated her 70th birthday and it was awesome. I mean, even with the presence of so many family members, there was still so much peace around, you know, as it always happens, if it's not food, it's bed space or foot wears or food that will cause the quarrels. Thank God though, we didn't end up shouting at ourselves and leaving angry.

So all my cousins were around, and being the oldest female cousin, I had to look out for everybody. On Saturday night, I tried to gather all the cousins together for a little reunion, and that was when I discovered that I'm growing old, really fast.  I remember when my smallest cousin was born, and now, she's almost six years old. Wow! The older ones are either almost out of university or already in university. How did I grow up so fast? When did I stop being the little child? Chei!!!

Anyway, so it was really nice to see everyone of them again and it made me realize that though I might still be a child to my mother, I'm beginning to have very many younger ones coming behind that I might be responsible for, in one way or the other. (we are like 20 of us altogether, and still counting). Also, as much as we may be miles apart, family always plays an important role in our lives and as much as possible, we should always keep them close. I know some family members do not and will never deserve any form of kindness,but the fact is they will remain family, even with all of their flaws.

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