Sunday, August 14, 2011


Seeing the title above must have left you bewildered. Not only is this grammatically incorrect, it is also a combination of two entirely different things. In these two words though, lies the puzzle I hope to unravel.
Someone has said "Love is life and life is love". If you do not agree, then consider the following:

The laws of every nation are written with living in love as a motivation. Laws are given to make man love his neughbours and country.

Love is the most discussed issue in the whole world after God

Love is the most expressed, desired, and requested action of man. The demand for love seems to be part of every living thing subject to how it is understood

All God teaches is centered on having His love and giving it to others.

Word in this context is not the word that comes out of our mouth, but the WORD-Jesus. The world is in chaos because people do not know that love is not generated, it is given. The love you exhibit should not be from you, but the one that has been poured into you. It is the poured love that can heal the world and the Spirit of God in you is what pours the love into you.

No true love exists if it is not a product of the WORD.

LoveWord therefore means the love from the WORD which is the only love that can be perfected.

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