Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I'm Reading

So, last week Monday, my mum gave me a strange assignment. She brought out some of her old books and gave all of them to me and said with all sense of seriousness that I must try to read them. In my mind, I was wondering if it was a crime to like to read. It was even more annoying because of the kind of books they were. Who told the woman I was interested in marriage/relationship books?

Anyway, on Thursday, I decided to pick the smallest of the books to read; not because I wanted to, but there really was nothing else to do and I was away from home, so why not?

The title of the book tells what the book is all about, so I don't think I have to tell again.
Little Foxes that spoil relationships by Toni Akose Ogobegwu
Songs of Solomon 2:15

I actually laughed when I took the book because I felt I didn't need it. Can I tell you that about an hour later when I dropped the book, I changed my mind about not needing it. It was awesome and well, it was easy to read because it's a small book, 60 pages only.

 This is the point where someone says "so what is your point?"

The whole point of this post is that I feel like I shouldn't be the only one with the knowledge I gained from this book, so I have decided to share it on this platform. This is not something I would normally do, so forgive any issues that might come with it.

In the coming posts on this blog(I can't promise how many, but I will tell when I'm done), I'm going to be sharing what I got from the book per 'chapter', so watch that space.

That said, have a wonderful weekend people.

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