Friday, March 11, 2011


Even though Friday is already over, I still want to say  TGIF. Not because I had anything in particular that I did this week, but because this week was full of ups downs and maybe even centres.

Sunday: After I had to travel on our very painful roads for about three hours, I had this very bad fall that made me wonder for a split second if I was paralysed (you do not want to know the details), but thank God, I was able to still use my legs.

Monday to Thursday: Very simple summary; a combination of frustration, constant exposure to the sun and of course, wasted efforts at different endeavors, lack of communication(I still can't believe I didn't have access to a phone for four whole days), hunger-not because there was no food, bit there were far more important things at stake that made food look like nursery rhymes, bad movies and lots more.

Well, just in case you are wondering about Friday, the week ended first with a bad novel (I mean it should probably have never been published at all), and no, I won't mention the book and finally, a bad movie. I don't even know which one ticks me off the most. I was trying to end the week on a good note, but these two things just killed it.

I miss my family. I know it's just been a week since I left home, but I miss them already and oh, my brother's birthday is on Monday. Yay!!! Party all the way (hmmm, you wish!!!)

Just so you know, for every five thoughts that run through my head, three out of it has to do with a particular character in the book I read. At the end of the day, I think I might need exorcism. Seriously.

Okay, enough whining. Even in all of these, I'm grateful to God. I couldn't have gone through this week without the assurance that He was there and even though I was frustrated, I still had enough strength to keep going. Big ups to God.

So much has happened in these last few days and as much as I want to have eventful weeks like this ahead, I definitely want "good eventful".

Happy weekend everyone. Give a helping hand to someone this weekend, it won't hurt.

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