Sunday, March 20, 2011


Now, usually, I don't write like this, but I have so much time on my hands right now and recently, I came across this blog and the writer (obviously a female) mentioned Michael Ealy and Keziah Jones(never heard about him and he is a Nigerian) as her ideals for male hotness. I got curious and "googled" these guys and seriously, I wasn't impressed. Not like they are bad looking guys or anything, it's just that they didn't strike me as hot. This then led to the question "How do you describe the hotness of a person?"

Against my usual self, I tried to ask the question and I came about some obvious answers. Most girls talked about height(about 6 ft), green or blue eyes, not long, but dark hair(not necessarily black), biceps of course, most definetely not fat and a gentleman.

Many of the girls said something about Taylor Lautner's hair and of course, I "googled" that too and I must say I'm very impressed. His hair is beautiful(you can google that yourself. Unfortunately, you hardly find Africans with blue or green eyes and Taylor Lautner's hair, so bringing it to the home front, the girls love the guys on skin cut(I think that's what it's called) like Victor Valdes.

On the other hand, the guys seem to think that being hot is way different from being pretty. In the words of a guy, "Pretty and hot are different. Being hot is more about the body and being pretty is more about the face". So, maybe we can say nice hair, nice legs(without strands of hair sticking out of them), great body and skin and a little of the face will do hot.

What  then is the conclusion of the matter? I guess I want to say that "hotness or not" is subjective. What's hot to me might be "blah" to another person. As the saying goes, one man's meat is another man's poison, but someone can dispute the statement by saying "One man's meat can be another man's fish and another man's tofu and yet another man's eggs, it only depends on how you see it"

Since I can't seem to come to a conclusion, I will like to ask the question all over again, How would you descibe "Hotness or Not"

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