Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where's the "Like" Button?

Hey people. Hope the weekend has been great for you as it has for me.

Thank God they didn't cancel the parliamentary elections again today, it would have been such a disgrace. Unfortunately, that's not my area of specialization or interest, so I won't say anything more about it.

I saw my brother yesterday and today. It's been such a long time, maybe two months or thereabout I saw him last and I was really glad to see him.

Sometimes, I wish there was the "Like" button on blogger. I was reading  HoneyDame's blog today on and I came across this post about Nigerian's donating blood and HIV Type O. Now, it wasn't actually the post that made me look for the like button, but the comments that followed the post. I couldn't stop smiling and thinking wow, Nigerians will never change.

God has been really faithful to me over the past few weeks. I have a lot going on for me; many of them good and some, not so good. The beautiful part is even in all of these things, I've learnt that God is too faithful to fail. His promises may seem delayed, but in the end, He always delivers and the more you believe, the faster He delivers(at least that's what I think)

So, I have this 'friend' I'm trying to let go of.  I don't want to be rude or anything, but I just need to know how to tell someone that you can't just be friends with the person. I mean, it won't be nice to tell someone "I can't just be friends with you" but at the same time, it won't do me any good to keep talking to you and I'm really angry for every moment I spend with you. So, ideas on how to be polite and still keep my distance is needed. Thanks in advance :)

I have tests next week, and my courses are boring. That's just the plain truth. Sometimes, I wonder who came up with the idea of education. It's a concept that has never been quite right with me. Anyway, whether I like it or not, I have to read, so I have to go.

Here's wishing you a week filled with God's blessings and favor.

"A future you don't actually build up will leave you behind or meet you by surprise. Change is happening so fast that it looks like a constant"

Peace xxx


  1. Im sure you can find a like button in one of those blogger gadgets or other gadgets. Just look around. As for you friend, i wouldnt know the right advice to give, and what i would do is to ignore them, stop picking calls, and just sneak away from them, cos im chicken like

  2. Oh wow, I am just seeing this! Thanks for the shout out! I just came here, thinking it has been a while I last "heard" from you, not knowing that you have been a silent visitor.
    I can totally relate as to that like button, more even, I wish there was a reply button to each comment.
    Dont we all such "friends"? I am with Sisi Yemmie on that her tactic. Let's know how that pans out

  3. Thanks for the advices on my "friend". Looks like he finally got the 411. Has not spoken to me in like over a week now and you can't imagine how good I feel that I didn't end up being the bad person.
    HoneyDame, lol@silent visitor.Thanks for "checking" on me.


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