Thursday, February 21, 2013


*Cryptic post*

In my understanding, in paid employment, retirement differs from resigning because when you resign, you move on to something else that pays you but in many cases, isn't more fulfilling than what you're leaving but when you retire, you leave what you are doing either to completely rest or to pick up something you will be happy to do even if you don't get paid. 
This is how I know  I'm not resigning, I'm retiring. Giving it all up and moving on to do something that is me and makes me happy. It's been great, it's been bad, it's been awesome and it's been totally frustrating but the experiences gathered make the pains of the journey worth it.

When something isn't worth it anymore, you cut your losses and move on instead of staying with it and whining about it on a daily basis. So that's what I'm doing; gathering what's left and moving beyond it to a better place.

It definitely doesn't mean goodbye; it only means starting over.



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